TORUS 2022 Workshop
Smoke and Mirrors
Leiden 13-15 December


In the last few years the "central parsec" community for AGN studies has seen a fast development thanks to observations with infrared and sub-millimeter interferometers like ALMA, GRAVITY, and MATISSE, that can achieve parsec-scale resolution in nearby AGNs. These observations have stimulated the further developments of more complete "Torus" models. In this workshop we would like to share the latest developments in the field from both multi-wavelength observations and theoretical works. We also anticipate the opportunities that new instruments will bring in the near future. The topics we intend to focus on are:

  • Imaging and spectroscopy of AGN tori at infrared,
  • (Sub-)mm observations,
  • Future X-ray imaging and spectroscopy,
  • Polarimetry,
  • Reverberation and time variability, and
  • The physics of accretion disks and winds.

The Torus Workshops are organized roughly every three years to share most recent advancements concerning the physics of the centers of Active Galactic Nuclei. The last torus workshop, Torus2018, was in Puerto Varas Chile. This year the torus workshop will take place in Leiden, Netherlands on 13-15 December. We expect to accommodate about 70 in-person participants, limited to active researchers in the field. You can register your interest, and submit an abstract for a talk or poster Here

Invited Speakers

  • Donaji Esparza Arredondo
  • Keichi Wada
  • Claudio Ricci
  • David Rosario
  • Triana Almeyda
  • Enrique Lopez Rodriguez
  • Almudena Alonso Herrero
  • Susanne Aalto
  • Santiago Garcia Burillo


Scientific Organizing Committee Local Organizing Committee
Walter Jaffe (chair) Walter Jaffe (chair)
Violeta Gamez Rosas (chair) Violeta Gamez Rosas (chair)
Sebastian Hoenig Turgay Caglar
Violette Impellizzeri Monica Huang
Serena Viti Andres Felipe
Cristina Ramos Almeida Ramos Padilla
Konrad Tristram Pranav Kukreti
Omaira González-Martín Joshua Butterworth


Rijksmuseum Boerhaave Leiden

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